Ford Motor Business Analysis

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Key History Henry Ford, with his passion and vision for the automobile industry in 1903 founded Ford Motor Company. Ford is based out of Dearborn, Michigan and first started off in 1899 as Detroit Automobile Company, which unfortunately quickly failed. This failure did not discourage Ford, shortly after the failure of Detroit Automobile, Ford founded the Ford Motor Company on June 16th, 1903 which was and to this day is also based in Dearborn Michigan. Henry Ford in 1908 then introduced to the world the Model T. The Model T was a success due to the affordable price, consistency, and efficient production. This allowed for Ford to sell over 15 million vehicles and make them a major part of the automobile market share. The introduction of the Model T began a new age in North America and transportation. This spurred the growth of roads, and jobs, and changed the way Americans traveled. Ford’s success can be credited to the implementation of the assembly line; this is what differentiated his company from any other automobile makers in America at the time, this had a great impact on the American culture. Mass production along with advancements in technology proved to be greatly Ford’s advantage; this strategy gave Ford the ability to make automobiles in large quantities and make them affordable to many. Ford did not view the production of his automobiles as a luxury item that would be off limits or unaffordable to many he envision for the company Ford to be an affordable item that many could enjoy. This was done easily through mass production and allowed Ford to grow into a large and profitable company. The success of Ford Motor Company was because its’ strategy encompassed a new way of manufacturing called mass production, advancements in technology, the supply chain and most of all changes in lifestyle. By the 1920’s Ford had 50% market share and
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