How Did Henry Ford Contribute To A Charity

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The philanthropist I chose to do my paper on is Henry Ford. I have several reasons for choosing him. First and above all, I love trucks, especially Ford trucks. I actually have a Ford truck so this in a way is my connection to Henry Ford. I also chose Ford because of the impact he had on our country through different inventions, ways of thinking and incredible contributions to help others. Henry Ford was born in Greenfield, Michigan on July 30, 1863. His beginnings were humble, he was the son of a farmer. Ford dropped out of school at 15 to help with the family farm, but that didn’t mean he liked doing farm work. In 1879 he moved to Detroit to become an apprentice in a machine shop. Ford had a great work ethic, he worked meticulously to earn money but still barely…show more content…
When he started his Ford Motor company he was always looking out for his customers and his employees. When he realized that too much time was being spent trying to create one car at a time, he came up with the idea of using the assembly line method or mass production. By using this method it greatly cut the cost of production per vehicle so instead of keeping prices high, it actually lowered them. He also raised the pay of his workers. He is one of the big reasons that the United States has a middle working class because of his great generosity for his workers. Ford could have been anyone. He proved that small ideas from a know nothing farm boy, that made some mistakes along the way but was persistent, could change the entire course of the world for the better, something Ford Motor company continues to achieve today. What a wonderful example Henry Ford was in achieving the American Dream and tried hard to engrave that mindset into the peoples of the United States. Henry ford was that ordinary man that showed everyone that anyone could become a brilliant but simple person no matter what their

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