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Journal Aayush Paudyal Page: 47-100 Reading Rate: 270 I was coward, and cowards were not good for anything. In the story victor was having hard time going to school. He was only five years old when he started his school. The first day of his school was the bad day of his life. He started having trouble since he was entering the class. Victor was a guy who was nervous because he was weak in English and other student and teacher assumed that Mexicans were bad, dirty people. His school was strict and all the students had to go according to rule of the school. He also did pee in the class when the teacher did not let him go to the restroom. When he speaks in Spanish language with his friends in class his teacher used to yell at him by saying only English! Victor used to love trees and he said to his mother that he talks with trees. When he was in playground an old wrinkled eucalyptus tree told him “be brave”. “Generosity is a good investment when you know who to be generous with, and who not to be generous with.”…show more content…
He always loves to help others and teach good things to his children. He was also clever person because he knew who was right and who was wrong. He helped his contractor of his house by buying him a new truck so that he could be happy and work very hard to make his house strong. Victor and Joseph were always curious and used to ask a lot of questions to his father. That day also they ask him a question about whey was he buying the truck to his contractor. Salvador was happy answering that we have to know which person is good, hardworking and which one is lazy, no good worker. Being generous to hard worker always pays off. They will struggle hard completing your work. He also taught them how to identify which is generous and which one is not by watching, smelling and figuring. Making mistakes always helps you to learn things he

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