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Ethnicity The closest ancestor I could find that came from another country was on my dad’s side of the family, his name was Michael Judge. He was born around 1828 in Galway Ireland. He was a farmer who came to America because of the potato famine. Judge was a Catholic that worked on the railroad. His son managed to earn enough money to buy some land in Litchfield and start a farm. Michael Judge Jr. worked the farm and so did his daughter and her husband. My great grandmother sold the farm and moved to Bloomington, Indiana where she became a teacher. My grandfather who, I am named after moved to Warsaw Indiana where he worked on a farm for my Grandmothers brother. My grandmother was born in Warsaw. She is the only known person to have been born in the courthouse where her father was the caretaker. My dad was the first of our family to go to college, which his parents demanded he do. He is now an engineer working at Printek designing printers. All of my dad’s side of the family is religious,…show more content…
I am not very religious, a non practicing Christian. I am in college, obviously. One thing I do get from both sides of my family is a drive for manual labor. I don’t like to sit at a desk or computer all day. I like being active. I feel I get more from my friends than I do my actual family. The one thing all my friends have in common is dysfunctional families. All there families are divorced some with abusive sides some just fell apart. The one thing we all agree on is that when/if we have our own families, they come first. As for moral beliefs, I follow in my parents footsteps there. I am a strict believer in punishment for crime, totally against abortion and think that almost all aspects of your life are choice and how you are raised. I do have a more open mind about things like sexuality than my parents do. So for my ethnicity I would say I am an educated very middle middle class American family man with Irish and English

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