Birth Of Automobile Culture

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Birth of Automobile Culture In the twenty first century cars became a key ingredient to life. Cars have impacted transportation and the work force tremendously. To think how far they have come in the last one hundred years is staggering. Henry Ford is a crucial step in the automobile culture for how we live our lives today. I chose the topic the birth of the automobile culture because researching something that is so important to society, intrigued me. The first production car ever made was the Model T by Henry Ford. It was a very simple two-seater mostly made of wood with very simple mechanics. The model T was intended with the average middle class American in mind. (The automobile industry, 1920-1980) This was very big not only for the new invention of the first production car but it also offered many new jobs for factory workers needed to produce the mass number of cars that were in high demand. After Henry Ford realized he needed to make these cars faster and more efficiently due to increasing demand, he made the first assembly line for workers, this allowed production to move much faster and more efficiently. With an assembly line each worker does one simple job on every product that comes down the line, over and over. By the time the product is at the end of the assembly line and everyone has done his or her part, the car is completely assembled! As with most things, as soon as others saw the success that Henry Ford was experiencing, they set out to copy him and make their own versions of his original product. This is the time period when other car company’s start to come out such as GMC, Chevy. The more time that passes the more different, new car company’s come into the picture that are still around today, credit is due to Henry Ford for starting all this. (Sears) The original model has evolved so much. It has changed shape, size, sound, performance,

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