Gym Argument Essay

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Awhile back I spoke to a fellow student in a gym class. She seemed frustrated because she was forced to miss out on her art class due to her need to retake a math class, but she was still allowed to go to gym. She mentioned how unfair it was that it was gym that took priority over other classes like band and art, and it got me thinking. Why should gym be a required course? There are more important class than one that requires students run around for an hour, and the fact that all students are put into one class, rather than being separated by physical level of fitness and skill in sports, only makes it all the more unfair. To add to it, the class seems to take priority over other classes. Why should students that plan on pursuing a career in music be forced to spend their time in a gym class? While completely removing gym from the school course isn’t a great idea, allowing it to be a chosen class rather than a required class could help students focus on their own goals. School enforces a healthy lifestyle, and that makes sense and is a good goal for schools to have. When questioning people on their thoughts, some said that having kids go through a gym class now would help convince them to have a healthier life as they grow earlier. But when it comes down to it, school is about education. While it does play a large part in how students turn out as adults, the point of school is to educate them, not make them run around. Looking at a health class as an example, they teach students about what is good for them and what is bad for them. They don’t have the students practice eating fruits and vegetables. To makes them practice running seems a bit useless, when they could be spending more time practicing the things that school is actually supposed to teach, like math or English. Saying that gym should be cut from school all together would be a bit naive, but students
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