Should Physical Education Be Mandatory in School?

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One of the many challenges teenagers deal with today is physical education. As a mandatory class in high school, teenagers must participate in numerous sports and activities throughout the year. However, physical education should not be compulsory; instead it should be treated as an elective that students can choose to take. Physical education is basically exercise in school. Students spend about an hour in school to participate in organized sports with classmates. However, this is taking away from school time that can be used for different classes to enrich a student’s knowledge. Students who are more academically geared cannot work up to their full potential if they do not have enough time to study and learn in class. This is why the time allotted for gym class should be used towards classes in school. Injuries are bound to happen while sports are played. Most are minor injuries; however some can be fatal. A sixteen-year-old student in Louisiana was required to participate in a basketball game during a mandatory physical education class. After twenty minutes of playing basketball in a non-air-conditioned and poorly ventilated gymnasium, the student collapsed and died. Situations like this are not uncommon; in fact there are numerous cases like these where students have suffered serious injuries due to gym class. Students should not be required to do such strenuous and potentially harmful activities. Many students have insecurities about their athletic ability. Those who are not quite as athletic find exercising in front of their peers embarrassing. Some kids are not good at gym, others are, and some have different learning paces and styles and are on different levels of accuracy. There are a wide range of students regarding physical education, and most likely the standards set will be too easy for some and really challenging for others. Those who are less
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