Why Gym Should Be Mandatory for All 4 Years of Highschool

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Why gym should be mandatory for all 4 years of high school? As the education system all over the world is improving and advancing, more emphasis has been placed on maths, sciences, social sciences and business courses. However, emphasis has been taken away from one of the most important aspects of school, physical education. In a time where obesity is on the rise and teens are exposed to a large number of unhealthy factors, such as alcohol, drugs, fast food and technology, it is essential that students get the adequate amount of exercise and learn about healthy lifestyle habits as part of their education. ‘Gym class’ does not just mean participating in mandatory sport activities, it also includes education about physical activity. If not in physical education class, where would students learn about the positive effects of lifelong physical fitness, healthy nutrition, stress control, and how to modify or reduce certain ''risk factors''? How will students benefit from their improved education in academics, if they are becoming sedentary, obese, and stressed out? What will students do to vent their frustrations if there is no solid positive foundation in their lives? Gym should be mandatory in high schools around Canada because it encourages a positive lifestyle, gives teenagers an outlet for their energy, cuts down on obesity, and eliminates stress. Gym class does not only involve sports activities and endurance training. It is physical education where students are taught the basis of living a positive, healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but students learn how to work well in teams and can gain a sense of responsibility as well as other skills associated with group work. Gym can instill teens with a sense of self-worth and self-esteem and helps them to maintain self-interest. Phys Ed class does so much more to teens than just force them to “work
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