Should Gym Class Be Counted Against Your GPA?

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Why gym class (P.E.) should, and shouldn’t be counted against your GPA. Physical education is required by almost every school in the country, and the grades are counted against the students G.P.A. This causes a problem for some students that are physically unfit, but need to keep up a good grade to maintain a good G.P.A. An easy solution for this would be to take off gym as a class that counts against a students G.P.A, but many schools and universities do not agree to this. (News Hour) Some children are not as athletic as others when it comes to sports or to other things they have to participate in gym class. This can cause a student with a 4.0 G.P.A to lose points. These students don’t deserve to have points taken away from them just because of their physical characteristics. When things like this happen, parents also get involved, which cause more problems. Over the past few years, despite many educators saying otherwise, schools have cut funding to gym classes, limiting them in the activities that…show more content…
But it can be argued again and say that written test scores are not counted as high as the physical scores, nor are there as many written tests’, as physical tests’. “It would be wonderful to consider a future utopia in which physical education grades are included in a high school student's GPA and, of greater importance, are perceived to be as important as grades in reading, writing, arithmetic, and other academic subjects.” (JOPERD vol. 72) Should gym class be counted against the G.P.A? There are respectable points on both sides of the argument. There are issues such as funding, disabled children, children who cant keep up, inexperienced teachers etc. So with that being said the issue of P.E classes counted against your G.P.A will continue to be a topic of
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