Gun Control: A Social Problem

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Franck Bayebanen SSC 101 Human Behavior Perspectives “Term research paper” November, 2012 Gun control has become a typical American problem. Today even if the second amendment is the right for American citizens to keep and bear firearms, gun control has become a serious social issue. In facts gun control is becoming a social problem because there is a correlation between firearms and murder rates. United States is the first world economy but have mostly the same murder rates than some third country nation. It is a necessity to understand why America gives so much importance to guns, compare to other industrialized nations. People have different point of view and obviously you will find pro and anti-gun. The first group will militate…show more content…
Switzerland is a rich country and the murder rate is not comparable to the United States statistics. In fact Switzerland have very low level of crime. The other point concerns the nuclear weapon. United States of America has the nuclear weapon. In fact they claim that is a right for them to possess the nuclear weapon in order to protect their country against attacks. In the other hand they refuse other country to possess the nuclear weapon. That is the reason why the relation between Iran and United States is so complicated. America is answering violence by using the same method, giving the possibility for every family to keep a gun is not the good answer. The problem is that when you like the American statistics you have the feeling that the country is in a civil war: * 90 guns for every 100 civilians, the highest rate of gun ownership in the world. * 40% of American households have firearms. * Firearms are used in 68% of cases. * 350 million guns in America, it is more than 1 gun for one American…show more content…
People are dying every day because of shootings. Some Americans citizens have to deal with that, violence and crimes every day in their lives. Some pro-guns association such as NRA hides behind the second amendment rights. In facts they forget all the statistics, making United States one of the most dangerous country in the world. In fact it is abnormal for the first world economy to still in the 21th century deal with the gun control problem. Pro-guns association act like America is in perpetual war with someone. They miss the old time when for no reason people could pull the trigger with no reason. Most of the industrialized nations don’t understand the American Status on gun. In France gun a really restricted because we know the horror of war and violence. Things have to change and we can’t allow things to go that way. Children are born in a society where violence and murders is becoming a serious issue. It is not only about our present but about our children’s future. United States have to change their model and things that doesn’t work with. However they definitely have to look forward and stop referring to the second amendment rights. In definitive United States have to adapt to a new world, with new values and

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