Greek War History and Culture

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Savage: Greek's War History and Culture Through the story of Achilles in Iliad Trina Gabrelle Samson US11 Duke Savage: Greek Culture and History The Greeks, or Hellenes, mighty, powerful, intelligent. They have given the world a lot more than what people think. Research tells us that the Greek’s have given us the word ‘democracy’, the word meaning. “people’s rule”, they also gave us theater (comedy, drama, tragedy, etc.) which has given us a step towards the entertainment we have today. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, has also given us a system of logic, which, I believe, a lot of people didn’t thing was invented in any shape or form. With all this things, known and unknown about the Greeks, it has made them popular, stories about their people and gods could be seen written in books and passed by tongue, but one familiar part of the Greek culture and the one we’re tackling in this research is the War’s of Greece, more specifically, the ever famous Trojan War. This research report would circle around the idea of the Greek’s war culture, as we can see in most of their mythology and stories, their warriors are quite violent and think of war as a way to solve problems, thus the research report about it. Specifically, we would be looking at the famous Greek author Homer's work, the Iliad, and on how it shows the story of the mighty Achilles, a fearless warrior and hero of Greece, and his act of revenge towards Hector which leads to the doom of Troy. As I said, this research is made to show the Greeks violence and war like culture by showing the way Achilles acted his revenge on an enemy, ruining the dead body enough for the gods to have pity for the person. Greek Mythology has always been an interesting topic for a lot of people, especially me. The wars of Greece have caught the attention of people, some

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