How Did Greek Culture Influence The Athenian Civilization

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| Essay #1 | History 210 Section 02 | | Victoria Slade | 10/2/2012 | | Although there were times of strife and confusion among the Athenians in fifth century B.C.E., Pericles managed to control the chaos and allow Athens to grow culturally and politically as the greatest empire in all of Greece. Periclean Athens was, in fact, the schoolmaster of Greece, as they taught through their culture, their politics, and finally their ideals. The Athenians during this time taught by example and excelled in these areas so much that the remaining areas of Greece, and even the modern Western world were influenced and learned from this great city. In Athens, their culture was refined by this point in time with their individualized dramatic and visual arts. These aspects of their culture were vital to their identity. New styles of art showed up all over Greece due primarily to Athens’ influence. The theater was one area where Athenians were particularly superior. This was due in part to their famous festivals for the God, Dionysus, the most well-known being the Dionysia. Aeschylus was one dramatist who was revolutionary in these festivals; even to this day we utilize his works. Because of lines…show more content…
These critics, including Thucydides, believed that “the democracy had… driven them to sink more and more resources in a losing proposition” because they didn’t want to fail and in turn, an oligarchy was formed in June 411 8 But ultimately this same oligarchy disbanded, was replaced by another form of government, and eventually democracy prevailed. Democracy won out in the end for Athens which caused the other Greek city-states to want this type of government and look to Athens to help them. This proves that Athens was overall the schoolmaster of Greece, and utilized an advanced system to govern their people, despite critics’ complaints about
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