Why Did The Greeks Win The War?

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ESSAY- Account for the victory of the Greeks from 480 to 479 The Greek victory in the Persian Wars from 480-479BC can be directed towards many reasons. In contrast to the Persian forces, factors such as unity, leadership, knowledge of the land, tactics and communication exemplify how the Athenians were superior in fighting, which consolidated their victory in the battles from 480 to 479BC. Unity Scholar Mullins beliefs that the Greek unity achieved was a factor in her victory over Persia. The congress of Corinth in 481BC was a vital step towards the promotion of Greek strength. Herodotus accounts of the Corinth assembly speak of Themistocles pursuit of unity. Despite whole unity not achieved, the Greek force was extremely disciplined. Which allowed them to fight and defeat the Persians as a unified force? The Persians did not have unity- Herodotus accounts that in the battle of salamis- “Artemisia was chased by an Athenian trireme…she rammed one of her friends”. Morale The morale of the Greek soldiers in comparison to the Persians contributed to their victory. The Greek soldiers were fighting with patriotism for the freedom of Greece. Athens was sacked and burned by the Persians after the battle of Marathon. As a result, many of the soldiers had a direct emotional attachment to their fighting and role in the war. This gave them an edge over the Persians who were fighting for their leaders, without any emotional attachment to the cause of fighting. This morale is captured in Aeschylus’ play, depicting Themistocles march into battle crying- “Forward you sons of Hellas, set your country free…all is at stake now fight!” The last battle of Mycale was won with the synergetic Greek forces driven to liberate the Ionians from Persian lead. This shows how the moral of the Greek soldiers contributed to their overall defeat of the Persians. The Greeks were

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