The Revolutionary War: The Fight For Democracy

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Today, we take democracy for granted. We are at liberty to berate our leaders and complain of our country’s inefficiencies and high taxes. We vigorously defend the words of the Constitution at high cost and believe that the rights that we fought for in the American Revolution shall never be in vain. But we fail to realize that the real fight for democracy was not 228 years ago, but rather thousands of years ago on the Greek peninsula. In 490 BC invading Persians landed on the beaches of Marathon with over 25,000 light infantry soldiers and 1,000 light cavalry. Outnumbered almost 3 to 1, the 10,000 Greed defenders held off a Persian onslaught for ten days before the Greeks routed the Persians and forced the Persians to retreat back to the…show more content…
First they besieged the island of what is now Cyprus and then moved toward the mainland. They moved toward the epicenter of the rebellion, Lade. Once the leadership of the rebellions was apprehended, the leaderless rebellion was crippled. In a single day, the Persian army recaptured the rest of the rebellious cities and assimilated them back into the Persian Empire. But King Darius was not going to forgive the Athenian insult. In 490BC, against impossible odds, the Athenian successfully defended against the Persians. However, the frustrated Persian king wanted revenge. Every day, he would have a slave say “Remember the Athenians” before every dinner. However, his dream of burning Athens to the ground would not be realized, and this lust for revenge would be passed down to his son Xerxes. In 480BC, Xerxes assembled the largest army the ancient world has ever seen. With around 300,000 men, he marched towards Greece with a navy following closely behind. As Xerxes marched toward Athens, they were met with a combined Greek force of 300 Spartans and 4000 free Greeks defending a narrow pass, nullifying the numerically superior Persian force. At the same time, the Persian navy attempted to sail behind the Greek forces and box them in. However, the Athenian navy, held the Persian navy off in the battle of Artemesium and battled them to a

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