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Significance of the Battle of Marathon And the Battle of Salamis On, sons of the Hellenes! Fight for the freedom of your country! Fight for the freedom of your children and of your wives, for the gods of your fathers and for the sepulchres of your ancestors! All are now staked upon the strife! - from The Persians, by Aeschylus. The Battle of Marathon was the Darius I's first chief attempt to overcome Greece. In comparison to the great battles which would succeed it, it was, in terms of men involved, a war of smaller size although its significance in uniting the Greek city-states against Persia cannot be underestimated. According to Aechylus, this battle of Marathon happened to be one of the most important battles in world history. In 490BC, two armies faced each other across the plain of Marathon, 26 miles from Athens. On one side were 9,000 Athenians, supported by 1,000 men from Plataia. On the other were between 18,000 and 25,000 Persian warriors (including men from various parts of the Persian empire). The Persian army had come to conquer Athens, as a first step to taking over the whole of Greece, adding it to the already enormous Persian Empire. On the way to Marathon they had defeated several other Greek cities, killing the men, enslaving the women and children, and burning down the towns. How could the Greek Hoplites possibly defeat an…show more content…
It was fought at the pivotal point in the conflict when things were looking grim for Greece, with Athens abandoned and only the Peloponnese remaining free. The engagement was supposed to be an easy victory for the Persians: their ships were better-designed and more numerous. Their crews were also more experienced and better-trained. However, it was Greek tactics and Persian over-confidence that changed the course of the battle, the result of which was thought by many to be a foregone
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