How Did The Peloponnesian War Start

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The Peloponnesian War What was the Peloponnesian war you ask? The Peloponnesian War took place in Greece 431-404 B.C. the war was between two of Greece's top city states, Athens and Sparta. Though this was a twenty-seven year war, during the first ten years the battle took place in mainland Greece. So, how did the war start? Spartan leaders were afraid of the Athenians would use the naval forces of the Delian League to destroy their control over the Peloponnesian League. During this time, Athens was not like by many of the other city states. Though Spartans invaded the Athenian countryside and destroyed citizens' property, they continuously tired to negotiate a lasting peace term. Athens, upholding their pride, kept refusing. The Athenians were advised by Pericles, an Athenian general, to use its superior navy to raid enemy lands while avoiding battles with the Spartan infantry. With Pericles leading the Athenians, he predicted the superior resources of Athens would enable them to win the war. Unfortunately, unexpected troubles came their way, forcing Pericles' strategic idea to never be experimented. From 430-426 B.C., an epidemic disease wiped out thousands of Athenians, including Pericles, 429 B.C. Without Pericles' guidance, the…show more content…
Well, the war's losses caused much distress which led to a group of antidemocratic citizens to overturn the democracy in 411 B.C. Other citizens were not fond of this so they restored the democratic government. Athens continued to fight on and the end came during the last ten years of the war. This is because the actions had moved to the east, along the western coast of Anatolia and its islands; this was known to be the western boundary of the Persian Empire. The Persian Empire had sent money to help the Spartans build a strong navy. The Spartans aggressive actions forced the Athenians to surrender in 404 B.C., which finally ended the Peloponnesian

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