Essay On Greek Imperialism

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Athenian Imperialism * Battle of salamis- 490 gained the upper hand through a combination of luck and superior tactical skill. The Greeks states untied together to go up against Persia. At this stage power shifted from Athens to Sparta. * Following the battle of Salamis the Persians withdrew to return home. All Greece north of Athens was still in Persian control. Supply lines cut and a portion of the Army destroyed there was still a worrying amount of Persians on the mainland. The Persian commander Mardonius tried to divide the Greeks by sending Gold to Sparta’s traditional allies and bribing them. The Spartans were unfased safe behind the Peloponnese but the Athenians became agitated and tried to withdraw from the Hellenic league. The Spartans not willing to let this happen took to…show more content…
The helots had revolted following an earthquake and had taken up position in the strategic stronghold of mount Ithome. Epilates saw Sparta as a rival and enemy and Cimon managed to persuade the assembly to send a force to help. On arrival the Spartans regretted asking the Athenians and sent them home. Thucydides said this was because of the bold and evolutionary ideas of the Athenians that led to this idea. Thucydides said that the Athenians returning home were deeply offended with this treatment by the Spartans and said it is not what they deserved. They broke the alliance with Sparta and joined with Argos and Thessaly, Sparta traditional enemy. Expedition brought a humiliation end to Cimon’s leadership and policy of dual hegemony. He was ostracised in 461 and during his 10 year absence radical democracy asserted itself. * Following this the radical democrats gained ascendancy in Greece and embarked on an aggressive imperial policy. Commitment to the continuing expansion and aggression of the league, exploiting Sparta’s weaknesses by building up a land empire, and continuing hostility to
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