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A teacher of mine once asked me, “ Did the Romans conquer the Greeks, or did the Greeks conquer the Romans?” I had to stop and scratch my head because I didn’t know what to say . As I continued to think about which side to defend, I thought of how the Romans conquered the Greeks physically , but the greeks had a huge impact on the Roman way of life. The Romans were starting to expand from Italy and take over other parts of the Mediterranean . The Romans were fighting with the Carthaginians , some Greeks were afraid of the romans so they decided to help the Carthaginians to fight the romans . The romans won the battle against the Carthaginians and weren’t happy with the greeks for siding against them . The Romans started to take over Greece. Eventually the Romans defeated Corinth and made Greece a province of the roman empire. Therefore, physically the Roman military conquered Greece. The other side of my opinion is that the Greeks conquered the Romans in every which way, apart of militarily. The Romans adopted many ideas and ways of living from the greeks. The greeks had a tremendous…show more content…
“did the romans conquer the greeks, or did the greeks conquer the romans?” . My final opinion is that the greeks conquered the romans . In my assumption , for the greeks, it must have been much like living before they were physically conquered, they still had all theirs ways of living since the romans copied it. it is much more important to have conquered a civilization with your religion, art, technology, science, philosophy ,literature language, government, and the list goes on: then to have just conquered a civilization because you have a stronger military. The greek beliefs and lifestyles must have been that powerful for the romans to base their whole lives around it and have it impact the reason they were so great. So props to the greeks , they conquered Rome in the

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