The Importance Of The Punic Wars

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In the thousands of years men have formed nations and established dominance over one another, no other event has made as much an impact on military history as the Punic Wars during the fourth and third century BC. The Punic Wars served to demonstrate to all of the known civilized nations at that time the type of world power the Romans were willing to prove themselves to be.. With strategy, deception, and ultimate persistence, they shifted the balance of power in the European-Mediterranean region. But the larger change was a shift of power within the Rome itself that was brought by the larger, stronger military organization. It would serve to de-crease the supremacy of the Senate and Consul and give rise to a form of government. The first Punic War began almost…show more content…
The Romans captured the great fortress of Acreages in the first three years of the war. Nevertheless, the Romans realized that to win the war, they must Therefore, Rome resolved to see the war to a satisfactory end and began building ships again, along with training crews and admirals in naval skills. What was to follow was the era of great Roman military generals who centralized power, eventually culminating in the creation of the position of Emperor, supreme leader of the Roman Empire. For this was Hannibal’s masterstroke: Rather than driving from the south through Sicily into the Italian peninsula, he sought to circumvent both Roman sea power and Rome's Greek allies between the Ebro River and the Alps, and also to establish an enemy base in the northern heart of the Roman dominion. drive Carthage out of Sicily, and to do this, they had to have a sea fleet. Unfortunately, Sicily was at the centre of the conflict and so it was nearly ruined by the long war and in particular by the cost of great sieges. With good fortune, the Roman first army might be closed in Africa, and destroyed there like that of Regulus in the First Punic
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