How Did Greek Culture Influence Rome

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The Greeks had the distinction of populating Southern Italy at the beginning of the Kingdom of Rome, and were later subject to conquest on both the home peninsula and Aegea. As the Romans had done with Etruscan culture, they adopted Greek customs as time progressed. It is important to keep in mind that the post-Alexandrian conquest Mediterranean was dominated by Hellenism, and cities such as Athens and Alexandria had given birth to an enormous cultural hegemony. The first and most obvious influence upon Roman culture lie in art. Though the Etruscans made Roma a metropolis, the Romans themselves adopted Greek artistic customs instead. They broke from traditional conventions however, and made their statues often more realistic and the coloration (which is now often lost) much gaudier. Greek paintings were too adopted in form, but such items did not survive antiquity. Secondly, the Romans adopted Greek mythology and philosophy. Originally, the chief deities of Vesta, Jupiter, Mars and Venus did not have mythology in Rome (with many being quite animistic). As cultural fusion continued through the years, the Roman pantheon eventually made inroads to allow for compatibility between Roman and Greek religions, though this did not always work. Mars, the god of war, was one of the most important gods in…show more content…
The Greek language had always been more prolific than Latin, and the spread of embryonic Christianity was made possible by the widespread language. As Roma traded its powers to foreign chiefdoms, Constantinople retained the Imperial tradition until its conquest by the Ottoman Turks. One might say, however, that the very conservative Roman Empire in Constantinople caused its own demise by an inability to take back territories from Barbarians in the west and Arab conquests in the

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