Greece vs Rome Essay

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Ancient Greece vs. Ancient Rome Both Greek and Roman civilizations were very influential and innovative. This lead to the mass expansion and century lasting of the societies. Even though these empires influenced each other and many other cultures greatly, they both have similar ,as well as different aspects in society, geography, religion, etc... For instance, both civilizations were polytheistic meaning they worshiped more than one god. On the other hand, both Greece and Rome developed in very different locations which affected them in many ways. Both Greece and Rome were Mediterranean countries, but had different terrains. Rome began as a small city-state and ended up expanding through the entire Mediterranean. The Italian peninsula is shaped like a boot, located in the Mediterranean. Italy also has fertile plains where the Romans settled. However, Rome was much easier to unify than Greece. Greece, is a part of the Balkan peninsula, which extends into the Mediterranean Sea. Mountains divide the peninsula into isolated valleys. Because of this, the ancient Greeks built small city-states cut by mountains and water instead of building a large empire such as ancient Egypt and Rome. The economy of both ancient Rome and Greece was based on agriculture. Greece had many small farms where wheat was produced. Later on bigger industries formed that produced wine and olive oil. Even though ancient Rome farmed, they engaged more in trading and importing. Kings had ruled Athens ( which was one of the main city-states in Greece) and Rome in the beginning. After that, Athens was ruled by an oligarchy ( a few people) and then a democracy where only adult male citizens were able to vote. After being ruled by kings, Rome established a government that combined elements of a democracy, monarchy and oligarchy. Another difference was that while Greek women were not

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