Romans vs Greeks

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Romans vs. Greeks, the everlasting and ongoing fight for dominancy, on the battlefield of all the human areas of interest. If one could take the history as factual and undisputable, there would not be a discussion about this, but since the history is quite interpretative, so different people have different answers, based on their perceptions. That is why I think, it is not possible to compare these two great civilizations in all the spheres generally, but to describe their similarities and differences using a very specific examples. Such examples, that could be used to help us understand the issue a bit more, could be the two great buildings, the temples built in Europe in different periods, both serving as places of gods worship, both built to express the power and beauty of those gods through architecture and design. One of these two examples is a temple of the Greek goddess Athena, Parthenon, which was built in Greece in the 5th century BC on the Athenian Acropolis and the second one Pantheon, the building in Rome, built in 2nd century AD, to all the gods of Ancient Rome. If there was a rule, that roman architecture and its art was based on Greek platform, it was mostly the overtaking and adjusting of architectural style systems. Although their use in Greece, had a different character. Romans were giving them own characteristics, contents and functions. The same applies to carving as well as to painting. The elements, which were in Greece purely structural, are used in Roma for decorational purposes. The original elements lost their authenticity and their independence, if they were being considered from the aspects of Greek norms. It would not be essential to confront the meaning of Greek and Roman artifacts, environment, nature and space. Roman architecture was characterized by a new type of environment, spacially united. Romans did not have the individuality

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