Ancient Greece and Rome Essay

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Ancient Greece and Rome Ancient Greece and ancient Rome have quite a few similarities, but also have quite a few differences ranging from what they wore to how they governed the population. Both began as city-states. Ancient Greeks liked to wear wool and linen garments with cloaks and sandals whereas the Romans favored togas and tunics, but like the Greeks they enjoyed to wear cloaks and sandals. They both ate things such as wheat, barley, grapes, various meats and cheeses (walton). Many Greeks lived on small farms, but were unable to support themselves because of bad agricultural practices and larger estates had to take over. They exported wine and olive oil to Rome. The Roman economy was dependent on slave labor. The Greeks had slaves, but were not dependent on them (Gill). Greece and Rome were both Mediterranean countries and are separated by countryside that was rather hilly. Greece was made up of some islands and was located in south Europe, while Rome is on the western side of Italy near the Tiber River. This led to different climates for their people, Greece suffered warm and humid climates while Rome didn’t deal with humidity (13Se). Greek religion was a bit different than Roman while both practiced polytheism form of religion. The Greek worshiped the gods of mount Olympus, including Zeus, Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Apolla, and Poseidon. The Romans worshipped the same gods just under different names, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Minerva, Pluto, and Neptune. Education was also important to the Romans, although they only sent their male children to school. Both Rome and Greece had key philosophers. Greece had Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Rome had Marcus Aurelius and Marcus Tullius “Cicero”. Originally Athens had been ruled by kings. Later they held an oligarchy and then held a democracy where the Greek people could vote for their rulers (Gill). In Greece each
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