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Abstract To compare and contrast something is too simply acknowledge the differences as well as the similarities. For this assignment we were asked to compare and contrast various elements of Roman and Greek cultures such as the religions, art and even government. These two cultures exhibit great differences between them; however, there are some resemblances also. Topics of Cultural Studies Early Greek and Roman Cultures: In the earlier times of the Roman and Greek civilizations, certain elements played a significant part in defining these particular cultures. Using the table below we will compare various elements between the two cultures. Greek Roman Art: pottery, sculptures and Architecture Early Roman art consisted of mosaics, paintings and statues. The statues were created as a sense of a history timeline. Geography: Greece is a large peninsula made up of smaller ones, the terrain is mountainous. Rome has a location very close to the Mediterranean Sea. The land is made up of hilly land and is situated between two sets of mountains; the Alps and Apennines. Religion: Greeks worshipped many Gods, each God represented an element and Greek mythology deciphered each God and their relations to mankind, such as Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes. Like the Greeks, Romans also worshipped various Gods. Each God had an intended day of worship for which temples were built throughout the land. Government: Greece was first ruled over by kings, then switched to the Oligarchy form of government. However, democracy is the current form of government used in Greece. Kings also ruled during early times in Rome, until the citizens developed a form of government that allowed them to govern themselves. Eventually the power of ruling was given to an Emperor, such as Julius Caesar. Philosophy: The philosophy of early Greece were developed on the

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