Greece Vs Rome Essay

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Compare and Contrast: Greece and Rome Throughout history many civilizations have had successful attempts at unique culture and society. Greece and Rome included, they have differences, yet many similarities. The geographic, political, cultural, and economic aspects of both of these societies are comparable yet unique. Furthermore, global interaction has influenced both Roman and Greek societies. The geography of these two societies was a large influence. The hilly terrain of Greece led to the clear separation of areas within Greece and other civilizations surrounding it. This made it safe from many other outside areas. Due to the many hills, Greece was split up into many city states that had their own different government systems and ideas, yet held under one central authority. On the other hand, Rome did not have the safety of rolling hills and was more of a united society, yet open to invasion. As a result of being open to invasion, there was interaction with Rome and their attempted invaders including Greece. Greece and Rome both had patriarchal societies. This means that men were supreme and in charge rather than women. Although this is the basics, Roman women had much more rights than those of Greece, who were not even considered citizens. Slaves in both classic societies were lowest of the social class systems and were not citizens. Roman men were separated in to an upper class and lower class. The Patricians, upper, had more influence and opportunities than the Plebeians, lower class. Politically, Rome was a republic. This is very akin to a democracy. In the beginning the Patricians held all the spots in the Senate. The Senate is the branch of the government that was considered the legislative law-making body. They also had two consuls that were chosen from the Senate, who were also Patricians. Both the Senate and Consuls stood for the interests of the

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