How Did Alexander The Great's Achievements Of A Great Build The Roman Empire

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When Philip of Macedon conquered Greece in 1338 B.C.E., Greeks did not feel the gods had deserted them. They simply believed that Philip for all his power and glory, was just one more tool in the hands of the Olympians. When he was assassinated in 336, only two years after his dramatic triumph, his new subjects nodded knowingly to one another: the gods had grown tired of him. These sorts of intriques, of course, would have been typical among the gods, and therefore familiar to both Greeks and Macedonians. Ruling the former Persian Empire turned out to be more difficult than defeating it. But Alexander was insightful about how an empire should be run and wise in his decision to retain satrapies and features of Persian government. Like previous…show more content…
It was followed by the Greco-Bactrians, Parthians, and Sasanians, none of whom were able to reconstitute the Persian Empire that Alexander had conquered. Although Alexander’s empire was no longer unified, the importance of his accomplishments remained. He had defeated the immense Persian Empire, spread Greek culture throughout southwest Asia, and Africa in ways that would later benefit the Roman Empire. At the same time, Alexander’s legacy should not be romanticized. Although he championed Greek civilization, he developed no appreciation for the achievements of the Persian Empire he opposed. He demolished one of the great powers of the ancient world without replacing it with a culture that demonstrably improved the livers of its people. In addition, his model of kingship, which exalted an aloof, militaristic, divinely inspired monarch, blended West with East but benefited neither. Finally, Alexander’s conquests, for all their brilliance, were personally motivated. Despite his love for Greek culture and his desire to fuse the Greek and Persian worlds, he never thought seriously about establishing political and economic institutions that could have helped unify a realm stretching from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to

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