The Impact Of Odysseus On Ancient Greece

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Odysseus had a very large impact on Ancient Greece for many reasons, some being the trojan horse, ability to solve important problems with great wisdom and knowledge, as well as being able to just inspire his fellow Greeks. Odysseus the king of Ithaca and son of Laertes was considered the most clever Greek hero and not surprisingly, he was protected by Athena, goddess of wisdom. Odysseus was able to find solutions for many important problems. This is problems like when Odysseus was sent on a huge journey rather known as the Odyssey written by the famous writer Homer. He also used his knowledge for great impacts like the fall of Troy. Odysseus was amongst Helen’s suitors, but to avoid war between them Odysseus made the others swear to respect Helen’s decisions. Odysseus was an import key figure in Ancient Greece because he had used his knowledge during the Trojan war to outsmart…show more content…
In the Odyssey he is constantly being tested by the gods as well as loved by them. Without knowing it he constantly is writing his name into the history books we read today. If he had simply been a soldier or farmer we wouldn’t know of how loyal and courageous Odysseus actually was. Many writers, and dramatists all had their own ways to interpret this man of many turns. Odysseus had many chances where he could have been given great glory but would just let other’s have the glory. Odysseus solved many problems while on his epic quest in the Odyssey where he had to use his knowledge and wisdom to save his shipmates. Although these small little adventures were not helping Greece to much Odysseus was able to stop others from getting hurt if they ever have to meet these terrible creatures and scenarios which helps Greek’s even a little. This just shows how when he isn’t even trying to stamp himself in history he does it

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