Odysseus as a Hero

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The "Odyssey" is an epic story that has been a compelling piece of literature since it was first written and it will remain that way for many years to come. This much-found success of the "Odyssey" has been because of the story's hero, Odysseus. Odysseus is one of the first Greek mythic heroes famed for his brain as well as his brawn. He is a man with a curious mind, and he is also a man with unsettled valor and bravery. In addition to his character, he is a superior athlete as well. Although Odysseus often hesitates before acting he does contain a vast amount of reason and a gift to evaluate situations. Patience is one of his most important characteristics. This patience has saved him and his men many times, and has been illustrated numerous times throughout his travels such as when he disguised himself as a beggar when he finally reached Ithaca, waiting for the right moment to reveal himself. As great as he was, Odysseus still had some weaknesses that lengthened his voyage back to Ithaca. His most significant weakness he possesses, is that of his pride. Pride is good to have, but in Odysseus' case he had too much of it. This is clearly apparent in the episode on the Cyclopes' island. When Odysseus and his men are clearly safe away from the island Odysseus brags about his successful feat. Polythemus hears this and launches giant boulders in the direction of the ship. Some came very close to sinking the ship, yet that was not enough for Odysseus. Blinded by his pride he unwisely revealed his identity to Polythemus. With that Polythemus called upon his father, Poseidon, to seek revenge on the man who had harmed him. That incident hurt Odysseus more than losing a few men, because Poseidon made his travel home longer and harder. Yet another weakness of our hero is his "sensualness." In other words, Odysseus loves women. An example of his love for women was his
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