Odysseus: a True Heroic Figure

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Odysseus: A True Heroic Figure “But I would not give way.” This simple, yet strong, inspiring quote was stated on page 218 of book 9 of the Odyssey by the heroic figure Odysseus, when his crew members were ready to take everything they could escape with and avoid confrontation with the menacing Cyclops. Even though this six letter quote is short and to the point, it shows how determined Odysseus really is. I believe that Odysseus is a strong heroic figure in Greek mythology. His best qualities that reflect his heroic character are his cleverness, caring heart for his crew members, and his strong determination. Although this crafty hero has many other great qualities, these qualities are the highlights of his character. Odysseus’s best quality, in my opinion, is his sneaky cleverness. Odysseus is always thinking, and he shows it numerous times throughout his adventures. One of his most crafty plans, on page 225, was when he tied himself and all of his men to the Cyclops’s ram’s bellies and escaped from the Cyclops into their ship. Polyphemus, the Cyclops, didn’t sense that the Odysseus and the men were hiding, and when he let is rams free, the crew escaped. Another one of Odysseus’s clever plans was on page 223, when he declared falsely that his name was “Nobody,” and the Cyclops believed him. When he and his shipmates blinded the Cyclops, the Cyclops cried out saying, “Nobody’s friends… Nobody’s killing me now by fraud and not by force!” (Page 224). Polyphemus’s friends took his statement literally, and believed that no one was trying to kill him. Odysseus’s clever ideas caused his plans to be successful. Another great quality of Odysseus is that he encourages and cares dearly for his crew members. He expressed this when he mourned at the death of his crew at Ismarus, when many were killed while fighting the Cicones, on page 213. He also showed his caring
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