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Dantes Act of Revenge In the book, “The Count of Monte Cristo,” written by Alexandre Dumas exposes the truth behind what goes around comes back around also known as karma. The main character Dante himself says, “ he considers his fortune a gift from God, given to him for the sole purpose of rewarding those who have tried to help him and, more important, punishing those who have hurt him.” Dante never had to experience karma until he was forced to deal with some cruel punishments as a result of his “so-called” friends. Edmond Dantes thought life couldn’t get any better; he was about to become the captain of a ship, and he was engaged to a young woman named Mercedes. His life was spun upside down when his dangerous and jealous friends all turned against him. Danglars, the treasurer of Dante’s ship, was envious of Dante’s early career success. Fernand Mondego desires Dante’s fiancée and longs for his amorous success. Lastly, Caderousse, Dante’s neighbor, hates that Dante’s has more luck in life than he does. Together, these three men do the unthinkable to their friend Dante. All three men draft a letter accusing Dante of treason. Even though, Dante himself has no political leanings, his friends’ accusations have some truth; Dante posses a letter from Napoleon to a group of Bonapartist sympathizers in Paris. Dante’s arrested on his wedding day and jeopardizes his freedom by revealing to his public prosecutor, Villefort, the name of the man to whom he is suppose to deliver Napolean’s letter too. The man is Villefort’s father: Noirtier. Villefort sends Dante to life in prison to conceal his father’s treasonous activities. In prison, Dante meets Abbe Faria, an Italian priest, who teaches Dante history, science, philosophy, and languages making Dante a well-educated man. Faria dies, but reveals to Dante a large treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristco, and

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