Explain How the Delian League Transformed Into the Athenian Empire

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ESSAY- Explain how the delian league transformed into the Athenian empire- Plan- intro growing Athenian power in the delian league campaigns to Persia revolts Oath of Challis- combined military and legal system building program no conclusion- Initially there was much goodwill and support towards Athens as she offered hope of liberation from Persia to the cities of Ionia and protection for the islands. However this goodwill declined. After the defeat of Persia at the battle of Eurymedon River, the fear of Persia receded. This made Athens increasingly domineering policies appear imperialistic in intent. The Athenian ownership of the Delos treasury, suppression of revolts as well as the challis decree marks the transformation of the delian league into the Athenian empire. The role of the delian league was to protect those Greek states which had already revolted from Persia and to liberate those still under Persian rule. The league was very active in overthrowing Persian power and consolidating the role of Athens as hegemon’s in the Greek world. It was clear that the alliance was unequal from the beginning because, the leadership was Athenian, they had the largest fleet and they were also superior in resources. This was a result from their successes in the Persian wars, in particular the battle of Salamis. Increasing naval power, as a result of the Athenian fleet established by Themistocles in 483BC, meant that Athens became ‘the epicenter of military and culture in Greece’- Kaysoukic. The population grew to 400 000 and it became the centre of trade after the wars. This increasing status in Greece contributed to their expansion of the delian league to the Athenian empire. The campaigns in Persia by Athenian leader Kimon not only consolidated Greek power but allowed for Athens to have increased trade routes. It was with these campaigns that cleruchies were places in

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