What Role Did Themistocles Play In The Persian War

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Themistocles played an essential role in the Persian wars and was a key factor to Greek victory in these wars. He made this impact through his pre-war efforts, his leadership skills and his intelligence in tactics which is shown during the battle of Salamis. During his pre-war years, Themistocles came to the realisation that if Athens was to suceed in it's war efforts against Persia then it would need to greatly focus on the improval of it's naval force. Unsurprisingly, however, most Athenians disagreed with this idea as it would result in a weakened land military force and less money to the citizens of Athens. In order to persuade his fellow Athenians to support his idea of a strengthened naval force, Themistocles resorted to trickery. When the offerings made by the Athenians to their goddess had been left untouched, the…show more content…
He convinced Eurybiades that a battle fought at Salamis would benefit the Greek forces for two main reasons. The first is that fighting in the narrows at Salamis would favour the smaller and heavier Greek fleet where as a battle on the open seas near Isthmus would favour the greater numbers of the Persians. The second is that if the Greeks were able to defeat the Persians at Salamis then the Persians would be forced back from Isthmus therefore greater protecting it. Through his earlier mentioned strategy of deceiving the Persians, Themistocles had also provided the Greek forces with a surprised, unprepared Persian enemy. It is through all of these contributions made by Themistocles that guaranteed the Greek victory at Salamis. In conclusion, Themistocles' contributions made through his intelligence, leadersip at Salmis and his pre-war efforts in establishing a superior Athenian naval fleet greatly influenced the course of the second Persian wars and made him a key factor in both the Greek victory in the Persian wars and the Persian
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