Persian And Peloponnesian War Essay

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Persian and Peloponnesian War Review Sheet Jeremy Mekker 1. Greco-Persian War a. People i. Darius - First Persian king during the Greco-Persian war ii. Xerxes - Succeeded Darius when he died (2nd part of war) iii. Miltiades - democratic general given power by Aristides iv. Themistocles - Democratic navy general after Miltiades and Aristides were ostracized b. Battles v. Marathon - 15,000 Persians (lost 6,400) defeated by 10,000 Athenians (lost 200) vi. Thermopylae - Persians overwhelmed the Greeks (they fled to Salamis) vii. Salamis - Athens destroyed half of the Persian ships (forcing them to flee back to Persia viii. Mycale - Destroyed Persian fleet docked on Asia Minor’s coast c. Essays ix.…show more content…
Essays xix. The Peloponnesian War started when Megara and Thebes was forced into the Confederacy of Delos. They then decided to revolt with the help of Sparta, but that ended a decisive victory for Sparta and a peace treaty with Athens. Athens chose to break the deal and they went after Potidaea, but that ended up as a draw. Pericles was a very strategic leader and they decided to start another war by going to the source, Sparta. xx. Spartans won the war simple because of the bad Athenian decisions. The Athenians thought too high about themselves, so they thought that they could just go far and conquer. The Spartans were really close to them on the other hand, this led to them having an open shot to Athens with little in their way. The Athenians had ships, but that didn’t stop Lysander from get into Athens and ending the war. xxii. The conflict after the war was mainly caused by the amount of power that the Spartans had. It caused Persia to help Athens for freedom and it also caused the city-states to revolt from Spartan control. Sparta continued to have control, but it was very difficult for
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