Spartan Government Vs Athenian Government Essay

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Paper 3 “1” In Ancient Greece there was the Spartans and the Athenians. The Spartans had a oligarchy type of government while the Athenians had a democracy type of government. The Athenians democratic government was decently equal and pretty advanced for its time. During this time war was popular, but Athens decided to focus more on comfort and civilization then their military. Sparta put a military attitude in its society and made it the first priority to have a powerful army. The Athenians type of government, might have given the society More freedom, but in my opinion I think this was not the best form of government at this time. The democratic system in Athens cannot really be called a true democracy since it had several flaws in the government and the way it worked. For the way the voting worked…show more content…
Their fathers had possession of them first and then were passed from them to their husbands. The husbands then gave them nothing more than the responsibilities of managing the household and educating the children. In a meeting with the Assembly, a rule could be accepted and formed into a law but once the conference of the assembly ended, the enforcement of that rule would have been up to the people who may not agrre with it. Also if speaker became too powerful in the assembly, then he could be forced to leave Athens if the most of the members voted on it. This law shows the flaw of Athens and its democracy based government because it infringed on the freedom of speech that most democracies have. The Assembly was made up of all men that were eligible to serve on the council. The Life in Athens may have been sophisticated and nimble. This made Athens a target to other countries since they thought that Athens was a week country. If Athens had more of a military based government then they wouldn’t have been attacked as many of times and maybe never lost their power in Ancient
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