How Greek Architecture, Government, and Philosophy Affect Us Today.

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Western Civilization Essay The Greeks had a profound and affected on our system of government and laws; architecture, including a system of roads and very advanced systems of sewages; and they had a very advanced system of education. Other ways the Greeks influenced us was language, literature, trading systems, mathematical systems, science and philosophy. Truly the Ancient Romans and Greeks can be seen as a foundation for Western Civilization. People who have helped this create system are people who are trying to find the truth through reasoning and questioning. These people are called humanist. Many people believe that Ancient Greece is just famous for the movie “Hercules” and those columns on the White House. The truth is, that if the Ancient Greeks didn’t accomplish as much as they had, then life today would be drastically altered. The Greeks are a huge part of our culture, customs, and government. The Ancient Greeks are the most significant to western culture because of its creation of different types of government, ideas on philosophy, and the impact of Hellenistic culture. If you think of America you think of mainly one thing, democracy. The Athenians invented democracy. Athens was founded around 500 B.C. Athenians were the first ones to give power to someone who they think will actually be good for that job, and not simply due to noble blood or force. Athenian democracy was also the first to emphasize individualism. It was the idea that the job should be given to the best. After the Persian war a man named Pericles ruled Athens. He created what is known today as direct democracy where you specifically pick your leaders as it differs from Rome’s republic where you elect people to represent you. If it weren’t for the intellect of the Greeks, Rome would never have been so powerful. They also wouldn’t of come up with western civilization

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