Comparisons Between the Movie Troy and the Book the Iliad

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Nir Thapa Greek Mythology Ms. Boggie Period: 3 Date: 04/22/13 Analysis between the movie Troy and the book The Iliad Troy was a very impressive and solid movie, which would surely leave a lasting impression on people. The movie definitely made many changes from the poem The Iliad. The movie takes place mainly on the beaches of Troy in the Aegean Sea but later on the movie moves to the actual city itself after the Greeks sneak in using the Trojan horse. The look and feel of the film was very interesting. When trying to show thousands of warriors and thousands of ships, some of them would be computer generated, but it looked like all the sets had been built, which gave the movie a very authentic feel. The dialogues were kept to a minimum extent and the expressions from the artists were somewhat real especially, Achilles, Hector and Briseis. It was a bit longer and easily could have been edited down by 15-20 minutes. Overall, the movie Troy was entertaining; the acting was reliable for the most part and the action sequences were amusing. The movie Troy had some changes from the poem The Iliad but those changes did not necessarily alter the major idea conveyed by both the movie and the poem. There were definitely some major differences between the movie and the poem. Some of the major incidents remain unchanged in both Troy and The Iliad. The cause of the war remains the same. Paris steals Helen away from her husband, Menelaus, which he takes as an insult to himself and his kingdom. Menelaus urges Agamemnon to help him bring back his wife from Troy. Agamemnon soon unites all the massive tribes of Greece to steal Helen back from Troy in defense of his brother's honor. In truth, Agamemnon's pursuit of honor is corrupted by his overwhelming greed; he wants to control Troy to ensure the supremacy of his already vast empire. Another similarity is, Achilles and

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