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My first goal is to graduate in the top of my class in UC’s Accelerated Pathway nursing program, with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. While in the program, assuming obviously that I am first accepted, I want to proactively learn from my professors, other teachers, and fellow students. I want to participate fully in every activity of the program to gradually develop an awareness of where I would like to take my nursing career specifically. The possibilities of a nursing career are far and wide, which is very exciting to me. I will take gravely the importance of the nursing profession, as an oversight on behalf of a nurse can have severe consequences to the patient. I take this very seriously, and I would hold myself as a practicing nurse to high esteem for doing such an important and meaningful job, and doing it well.
My next goal after completion of the entire program, once I attain my BSN, is to secure a job in the field of my choice. In speaking with a recent graduate of UC’s Accelerated Pathway program, a friend, she articulated that while she was sure she wanted a career in pediatrics, through some of her hands-on experience in the program she learned that she in fact did not want to work with kids; now she loves her job at University Hospital on the transplant service. I am aware that what I know about nursing will develop, deepen, and broaden, and I look forward to finding out where my passion lies in the field of nursing.
I’d like to follow your recommendations (those of this program) with regard to gaining the work experience needed to create a strong foundation for the ensuing master’s degree portion of the program, then starting that program at the appropriate time.
In regards to my college career at Miami University, which was immediately following high school: Beyond being immature at the time, I was in the wrong major, and
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