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I have chosen to pursue a nursing career from an initial passion to pursue medicine. I also know that the health care fields are static, in that they will always be needed, and dynamic due to the constant evolutions in providing patient care. I did some research and I found the need both immediate and future to be quite great, in addition to numerous opportunities and settings in which to practice. I also like that there are many advanced practice nursing degrees that provide even more autonomy and specialization. I also feel that there is not only medical help that patients ask for from nurses but attention, care and sympathy which I feel that I could distribute. I also have a genuine concern for the sick and the wounded. Taken together, these several factors clenched my decision to pursue nursing.
I have chosen to pursue baccalaureate preparation in nursing for one it is a stepping stone to receiving a master’s degree in nursing which I am very interested in obtaining. Also having the baccalaureate degree in nursing gives me more opportunities in the competitive career world.
There are many qualities that I feel a nursing student as well as a future practicing nurse should posses in order to be accomplished. Many of these qualities I feel I possess in one way or another and also have the ability to progress and strengthen. One of these qualities is solid communication skills. I feel that as a student and a later on a practicing nurse I am able to follow directions and am easily able to communicate with people. This is important for nurses are the middle man with patients and families and patients and doctors. Also feel as that I am a true advocate for people and their needs, which I think are key necessities for a nurse. Working with traumatic brain injured people for over five years, I feel I have encompassed all that there is to being an advocate for those in

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