New Graduate Orientation

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The Importance of Orientation for New Graduate Nurses

The Importance of Orientation for New Graduate Nurses
Graduating from nursing school and becoming a registered nurse is a huge accomplishment that leaves most students feeling victorious. Many new graduate nurses (NGN) come out of school ready to take on any position that is offered to them. The impressions received during nursing school lead many NGN to believe they are able to undertake a full patient load, without difficulty, soon after graduation and when they are unable to do so, it becomes a time of near crisis for them. It has been shown that large number of NGN change their place of employment or plan to leave nursing all together, within their first year of professional practice. Transitioning from the role of senior nursing student to registered nurse, with new workplace expectations and professional accountability has become a reality shock for most NGN. This paper examines the importance of adequate orientation time to help facilitate the transition from NGN to the registered nurse role, and how it benefits not only the NGN but also health care organizations hiring NGN.
Preparation for transitioning from NGN to competent RN should begin during the last year of nursing school. According to Hatler, Stoffers, Kelly, Redding and Carr (2011) Nursing school faculty need to develop ways to more accurately shape students expectations and skill regarding their abilities and to provide time and guidance for discussion and reflection related to the often overwhelming aspects of actually working as a nurse. Experiences in the workplace often prompt different priorities

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