The Practice Arena as a Learning Environment in Nursing

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The Practice Arena as a Learning Environment in Nursing Completion of Bachelor of Science in Nursing is only the first stage of environmental learning of a nursing profession. A nursing graduate must proceed to the next stage that is the actual training in the hospital. The new nurses must take various stages of nursing practices into consideration. First, the culture of nursing profession must be evaluated; the organizational values, traditions, customs and language which according to Marquis & Huston, 2009 is very crucial in entering the nursing field. Newly graduates of nursing must be aware that there are some transitions that they have to undergo before they become full pledged nurses. During their initial practice, they will encounter different scenarios in the hospitals or clinics; nursing staff are ready to teach and facilitate the new graduates of the important transitions and development into a professional nurse who later on can make their own significant contributions to the working place. In this regard, the entire health care organization must have a strict orientation scheme that will stress to the newly nursing graduate about the goals and objectives of the organization. In the beginning, new nurse graduates are required to enroll into an orientation program which stresses the important strategies in building good relationships with their colleagues. By this way, all of them can get a solid support system from one another. In addition to that, taking a unit course is an effective element in filling up the gap between the theories that they learned in school and the nursing practices in the nursing professional world. The unit orientation may teach the newbie nurses to lead by example and learn to become competent in the nursing field. Apparently, the nursing practice arena is very essential to address certain issues which are

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