Graduate Study Challenges and Strategies to Personal Success

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Accomplishing a graduate degree is a great achievement that can only be attained through constant perseverance, dedication, hard work and motivation. Graduate study is not simply an extension of baccalaureate degree but rather an in-depth and advanced, focused study in a scholarly experience (Gullahorn, 2004). It is expected that graduate students will face tremendous challenges in different dimensions from financial standpoint to emotional and intellectual stress. The importance of well developed communication and coping skills are vital to one’s success. Learning one’s strengths and weaknesses, and understanding goals are essential in meeting the demands of graduate school.

Goal Setting It was a daunting task for me to arrive in my decision to pursue advance-nursing education beyond my busy career and family life. After careful analysis and consultations, I realized that the advantages I would get from completing Family Nurse Practitioner Program outweighed its disadvantages. I utilized Specific, Measurable, Action related, Realistic and Time based (S.M.A.R.T.) Objectives in setting my goals to ensure my success in my chosen “battle” (Pugsley, 2009).

I wanted to satisfy my burning passion to learn and advance my knowledge in the filed that I am in. It is to my understanding that graduate studies will require enormous amount of paper works in APA format thus I intend to master this writing style by the end of this year. I would like to be able to adapt to the changes with my schedules and routines due to this additional responsibility while fulfilling my duties and obligations at home and at work. Ultimately, I would like to graduate MSN/ FNP program on time and become an expert Family Nurse Practitioner who provides quality health care to the underserved populations.

Challenges and Strategies

Juggling family, career, and school life would

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