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Learning Needs Assessment Theresa Cyr Nursing 588 27 July 2015 Professor Pattison Learning Needs Assessment An education needs assessment can be defined as the gap between what is known and what should be known (Janssen Therapeutics, 2013). There are many reasons why a learning needs assessment should be done in any facility; the purpose should be defined as well as how the information is going to be used. The use of learning needs assessment in a healthcare setting is used to determine what areas need to be re-educated, and it will also help discover what method of education to use. To remain competitive and at the top of the game, continuing education is extremely important in the healthcare setting. Nursing and other…show more content…
UMass Memorial Medical Center is affiliated with UMass medical school and consists of a level one trauma center, as well as three community hospitals. UMass Memorial in Worcester has three campuses offering 41 different services. The organization has over 1200 medical staff and 2200 registered nurses, as well as emergency life flight services. UMass Memorial Medical Center University campus is the focus of this learning needs assessment. The Emergency Department consists of a 14+ pediatric department, a 29+ bed adult pod, four trauma bays and a locked emergency mental health department. There are right around 130 nurses in this department working a variety of shifts. The emergency department is approximately the size of 2 football fields. The facility is a designated cardiac catheter center, stroke center, and trauma center. The staff care for patients of every age with complaints ranging from a laceration to an amputation and everything in between. On average this facility cares for 250 patients daily. The amount of knowledge needed to remain current in this environment is extensive. The nursing staff in this facility range from hospital-based graduates to nurses with Masters degrees, the largest majority holding an associate degree. Recently the facility and Worcester State University have entered into an agreement to help increase the education levels of the…show more content…
To keep up with the ever-changing health field and to stay current with the newest research staff need to have access to continuing education opportunities. Annual competencies only touch on a small portion of what the nursing staff does on a daily basis. The staff is open and willing to challenge themselves in whatever ways possible, seeking out education opportunities whenever possible. The staff, physicians, and the hospital would benefit from having a more educated nursing staff providing the highest and most up to date trauma and pediatric care to its most critical

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