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Introduction Currently, I work as a vascular access specialist in a multi-hospital system. As a team member, I am responsible for inserting peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) in adult clients. It is a high demand specialty and I often place up to seven to eight PICCs during a ten-hour shift. When performing as an emergency room nurse and I was placing peripheral intravenous catheters on patients, I never gave much thought to it. I enjoyed the challenge of placing difficult catheters and decided to train as a vascular access specialist. Once trained, I decided to study for the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) credential. Professional Short-Team Goal I plan to complete my Bachelors of Science in nursing, I also…show more content…
When I become nursing board credentialed nurse, I will be an expert in the field of infusion nursing this would allow me to become an educator for a venous access team which would include the training of picc line placement. I also would like to attend national conferences as a speaker to share my knowledge with my peers. Personal Short-Term Goal Personal Long term Goal Needed Skills I feel the needed skills would be an education which will allow me to obtain the job that I desire and would good at, Milestones for Goal Achievement Time Management Conclusions and Recommendations Goals in life are important for a person to succeed. I believe writing them down helps to bring them to fruition. Writing thoughts and ideas down on paper helps a person to formulate a plan for success. I have written down my goals above and strive daily to reach them. While reaching for my personal goals, I will become a well-rounded individual. A Bachelor in Nursing is important for my professional future. At the University of Phoenix the education I will receive will help me to accomplish the goals I have set for myself, I will have a bright and exiting future by following my plan I have set for

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