Training and Education in Health Care

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Training and Education in Health Care Jazmin Ontaneda HCS/341 March 5, 2012 Dorothy Cucinelli Training and Education in Health Care 1.Explain why training and education are vital in health care The health care industry is as diverse as the persons it serves. Constant change in medicines, procedures and mandates cause the need for higher education and continual training. Education and training provide the foundation for a knowledgeable staff. The expectation of life-long change within the health system develops a staff ready for change culminating in adaptation of diverse situations with each individual patient need. Training and education are vital in the healthcare field because it determine the quality of care that each provider or administrator will deliver. The dedication of a healthcare provider starts with the education that is received. Even after the initial education rather it is graduate school for administrators, technical school for support staff, or medical school for the providers the education is a dynamic part of the healthcare career. Continued trainings would be important to stay current on certifications or licensure no matter what the role is played in healthcare normally there will always be a need for additional training even if it is just a refresher course. 2. Explain the importance of measuring competencies Competencies are what organizations’ need to know and understand. Strategies implement the competent force of employees. Many organizations develop competency representations aligned with organizational strategy and have linked them to Human Resources (HR) processes. A competency ideal describes the combination of knowledge, skills, and qualities needed for employees. Competency is basically two important aspects: what skills, knowledge, and characteristics that are required for position and what behavior has the
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