Cultural Diverse Nursing Workforce

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My Goals and Walden University Vision and Mission
As a practicing nurse for over 29 years, there were limited advancement opportunities for nurses. In today’s nursing field there have been vast opportunities for advanced degree nurses. My ultimate professional goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner. In order to obtain my goal, I will have to return to a university to continue my education. I have chosen Walden University due to the flexibility that will allow me to continue to work and ultimately achieve my goal. Walden is a one stop university that will allow me to complete my goal and stay at one place. My advanced education will allow me to understand the nursing process and advanced theory of nursing. I hope to ultimately own my own clinic and work there as a nurse practitioner until my retirement.
It was a lengthy process of searching online and talking to multiple university advisors to locate which universities were rated top ten. I needed a university that would fit my current job schedule, and allow the flexibility to achieve my ultimate goal. However after researching multiple universities, reading their vision and mission statements. Walden’s vision and mission statements stuck in my head. The School of Nursing (SON) vision and mission statements have left a lasting impression of where I want to be advancing my nursing career. Walden University SON (2012a) vision which states that it “will transform nursing with the continuum of care for human life and meet the needs of local and global communities” (para1) is why Walden University appealed to me.
The vision of the program to continue my academic career will provide the necessary foundation to build upon my nursing career. Walden will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal and continue to work on my career and present employment. The information obtained through my advanced education can be incorporated

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