Getting Serious About Eradicating Binge Drinking Analysis

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Sam Duyck Mr. McWaters English 101 11:00 September 18, 2011 Much of the article, “Getting Serious about Eradicating Binge Drinking,” by author Henry Wechsler has a biased view on drinking and the way people drink in college. This piece of work gives many problems and solutions to binge drinking on a college campus. College is not full of binge drinkers or people who wreak havoc across campus. Binge drinking is a bad thing when over used or not controlled. Colleges and people all over the country are doing things to slow down binge drinking but it will never be eradicated in teens and young adults. They enjoy drinking excessive amounts and they always will which is why this will never be totally stopped. Many colleges and Universities…show more content…
Many people started in high school because its what most of their friends and older peers would do but they do not keep drinking because of this. After a person starts to drink they usually enjoy it, which is why they continue to keep binge drinking. It can make things more fun and it can allow someone to be any person they want to be. Not everyone who drinks does it to follow the bandwagon. Fraternities and Sororities do hold a large part in drinking on campus but that is not what greek life is all about. Greek life is a major part of campus and people don’t join it just for the parties and drinking. It is a brotherhood that you can’t find anywhere else. It allows you to make life long friends and causes someone to grow as a person. Fraternities do attract high school seniors as well as entering freshman but not so that they can drink. These people attend fraternity parties so they can understand what a fraternity is all about. It is sort of a recruiting process for future brothers of the fraternity. The author mentions bars having specials as a way of suggesting, “hey come get drunk,” but again this is not…show more content…
Many of these bars are off campus or on the edge of campus. This allows those who are 21 and older a way to get to these bars. Bars always check I.D.’s anyways this prevents minors from possessing alcohol. If a bar serves alcohol to a minor it can jeopardize their business, so they do all they can to prevent this from happening. Most people who are of the legal drinking age have little to no desire of getting drunk because casual drinking can be an everyday activity to them and is nothing special. They are more mature than those who are underage who only drink to get

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