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The Dumbest Generation Since the beginning of time resources for knowledge has excelled and advanced. Throughout generations technology has grown along with the human mind set, but due to this growth many would call today’s generation lazy or incompetent for having resources at their fingertips as Mark Bauerlein wrote in the excerpt “The Dumbest Generation”. Being a part of the dumbest generation I would disagree. Today’s generation is more intelligent and more open minded than generations previously due to the advantage of technology and the creativity being shared around the world along with having more opinionated voices that can be shared . From the time 1900’s the intelligence level has risen within the generations proving that we’re not dumbing ourselves down from the…show more content…
Mark Bauerline says “You guys don’t know anything” to today’s generation but because we don’t have to search in library for books or articles that we can view online does that make us incompetent or unable to comprehend them? No, it just means we have resources that save us time of hours of searching. College has not gotten easier to get into let alone afford but teens in this generation are holding 5.0 GPA’s and getting accepted to numerous ivy leagues with scholarships. Our minds are neither narrow nor dumb. Every generation has flaws and ours maybe the lack of motivation due to technology but with this flaw it allows us to excel becoming more intelligent and opening our minds to realms not even thought of. We are not the dumbest generation and one day if not today we’d be looked at as one of the generations that lived through the era of great technology and instead of succumbing to it, excelled. Sources: 1. Mark Bauerlein, The Dumbest Generation 2.Sharon Begley, The Dumbest Generation? Don’t Be Dumb 3. Mizuko Ito et al. Living and Learning with New Media 4. Nicholas Carr, Is Google Making Us

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