The Dumbest Generation Essay

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Digital Culture/Social Media Digital culture had been raised for the last twenty years and approximately ten years ago, it had become popular. However, it was not a huge impact on young adults’ life as today because it was expansive for most of the families. Everything had changed because of the fast upgrade of technology, thus most of young adults starting to have one of them. Therefore, some of the articles had said these technologies had turned young adults dumb because of the over-use and excessive depend. Also digital culture and social media had made they forgot about the reality and live in a virtual life. “The Dumbest Generation” that wrote by Mark Bauerlein is one example. Bauerlein believes that digital culture and social media had cut young adults away from history, civic, literature, and fine arts. However, I have the opposite opinion; believe that digital culture actually made young adults smarter in different ways. There are many famous people including Bauerlein himself were having an argument with another group of people on whether digital culture is an advantage or not. He backs up his opinion by saying “Together they form an imposing countervailing force, an alliance to slow the headlong rush to technologies learning, reading, writing, and intellectual life.” Bauerlein believes digital culture had cut of young adults’ understanding on literature and history because at this time, young adults would prefer to find answers on the Internet; therefore, reading also becomes a problem. Even though teenagers are willing to adapt the new learning style is an advantage for them; however, they should not abandon the old way of studying. Bauerlein said “If it doesn't happen in high school, in college and in home at this time, it probably never will.” Young adults should be aware of how to study when there aren’t any digital culture provided, on the other

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