Summary of "Is Google Making Us Stupid"

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Summary of “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr Nicholas Carr argues in, “Is Google Making us Stupid?” that the internet is changing the way we think. The internet looks to be slowly taking away the ability to focus very long, and is becoming the most widely used medium for information. Carr has the feeling that he no longer thinks like he used to. Reading a long book or article is no longer enjoyable to him. He attributes this feeling to the extensive use of the internet and computers, even though this usage of the internet has been to help him write. Carr then notes that he is not the only one having this problem. Carr gives a few examples of bloggers that have said the same thing about reading long articles. Carr suggests that though the internet provides more reasons for us to read, they are different reasons. The internet may not be the source of the problem, but Carr refers to a study done by a college that suggests that there is a chance that it is. Carr provides an example of a man whose writing changed dramatically when he started using a typewriter because of poor eyesight. This example points out that the utensil which is used to write changes the style of the writer. Carr questions whether the same thing happens when people read. Carr explains that the internet changed the way reading works dramatically. Now articles are cluttered with advertisements, links, and other things that can distract the reader from the document. Carr then illustrates that sources of entertainment outside the internet have been changed since the installment of the internet as well. Advertisements are now scattered across television shows more than ever. Carr then explains that the mission of Google’s leaders is to make all the information known to man easily accessible through the internet. They want to make it a place where people can find exactly what
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