Drinking Age Persuasive Essay

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Entering college can be an exciting time for a young adult. Your entering a new environment, filled with new responsibilities, and rights that come with it. But one right that you don’t have when entering into college is the right to purchase and consume alcohol. At the age of 18, you have a lot of rights. It’s absurd that one thing you can’t do legally is drink alcohol at a bar with your friends. Young adults should be allowed to drink alcohol in controlled areas such as restaurants, bars, clubs, and official university and college events. Having the drinking age at 21 makes it so a majority of college students consume alcohol in an illegal and irresponsible manner. In this letter I will explain my reasons on why the drinking age should be…show more content…
Yet there are sensible solutions in handling this growing problem. Current laws and policies dictate that alcohol is and inherited evil substance and that only abstinence from alcohol should be accepted. While some people do choose to stay completely away from alcohol it should never eliminate the need for honest, open discussion about drinking. Just like anything else in life, drinking responsibly is something that must be learned. We expect teens and young adults to stay completely away from alcohol and never have one drink until their 21st birthday. Rather we should gradually teach kids and young adults good drinking habits, and how to drink maturely. This way when they enter college they will not become chronic drinkers because they have been taught how to drink sensibly. This process has been very effective in foreign countries. There the act of drinking is seen as natural and normal. At the same time, there is little or no social pressure to drink, and absolutely no tolerance for abusive drinking. If we applied this concept to the United States, we to can drastically reduce the amount of underage drinkers. These are just some ways that we can address the drinking problem in the United

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